Gabby Petito 911 Call from Utah Traffic Stop Alleges BF Slapped Her

Gabby Petito‘s boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, allegedly slapped and hit her in the run-up to them being pulled over and questioned by a cop in Utah, shortly before she vanished … this according to a 911 caller, who claimed to have witnessed violence.

FOX obtained the 911 call in question, which was placed on August 12 near Moab, Utah — not too far from where Gabby and Brian were eventually pulled over later that day by a city cop, whose body camera captured a distraught Gabby …  and Brian unseemly denying anything had happened between them.

Check out the audio … you hear a man tell the operator he’s calling to report a domestic dispute he says he saw in town, going on to paint a picture of the white van Gabby and Brian had been traveling in, while also providing a license plate number … and descriptions of both of them.

When the operator asks point blank what he saw them doing … the guy doesn’t hesitate — he says he saw the man slapping and hitting the female, then both of them running up and down the sidewalk … and finally jumping into the van and driving off.

Not long after this, Gabby and Brian were, in fact, stopped by a Moab officer and questioned. While neither Gabby nor Brian admitted to any physical confrontation — it was clear the former was having a hard time and going through some sort of a breakdown, as she started to cry in front of the cop. Brian, for his part, said they’d just been arguing … nothing more.

Interestingly enough, FOX reports that an official police account of this entire incident claimed “no one reported that the male struck the female” — which appears to be contradicted here.

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As we reported … the feds announced Sunday that they believe they found the remains of Gabby’s body in a national park in Wyoming, one of the last places she’s said to have been with Brian — who came back to Florida solo, and who has since gone missing himself.

Police have called him a person of interest, but have stopped short of saying he’s a suspect — however, they are searching his parents’ home, where he lived, which is being deemed a crime scene.

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