Farrah Abraham Flaunts Bra, Daughter in Shameful New Video

Farrah Abraham has taken a break from blaming Bill Gates for the coronavirus to making sure that COVID-19 remains “fun” for her and for Sophia.

But the reality TV villain is getting slammed for once again stripping down to undergarments in a video featuring her daughter. Gross.

Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” is getting quite the workout during this pandemic.

In a new video that Farrah opted to share on Instagram, she is lipsyncing to the song.

In the background, 11-year-old Sophia dances along.

This would all be pretty innocuous if it weren’t for a few details … like Farrah’s decision to forego a shirt and instead wear a bra for the song.

Before some ardent defender of Farrah’s insists that she didn’t consider it inappropriate because she and Sophia are family, look at her caption.

“What’s Happening ?!?! #nsfw @mtv @teenmom,” Farrah captions her video with transparent desperation.

First of all, tagging it “nsfw” means that she knew good and well that it was probably not an age-appropriate video for an 11-year-old.

Second of all … “nsfw” videos should not feature 11-year-olds, ever.

Farrah’s caption does not end there, but your guess as to waht she means by this is as good as ours.

“I can’t help it this ones for you … funny how it’s all good now as it should of been day one #irony #savage fab fashion by @reindersjm,” she writes.

Um … literally what does this say?

Farrah is known for serving up iconic word salads, but we can usually piece together what her worm-infested brain meant. This time? Not so much.

The comments are, of course, all about Farrah’s bizarre choices.

Many suggested that she should just let Sophia make what would be age-appropriate videos for an 11-year-old and stay out of it.

But Farrah has never seemed to grasp the idea of healthy boundaries or not going where she wasn’t invited.

Poor Sophia has no choice but to play along with her mom’s attention-grabbing weirdness.

We mentioned that a couple of details about this video were getting Farrah slammed.

Not all of the concern in response to the video is about including an 11-year-old in a social media video inappropriate for 11-year-olds to watch.

(Seriously, it may be appropriate for Sophia to see her mom in a bra, but it’s in poor taste — at best — to put her in this particular vid)

Concerns over Farrah once again trotting out Sophia for clout and attention made way for concerns about the third person in the video.

The third member of the group is not human, but canine.

Farrah just recently drew negative attention for taking her two (living) dogs out on a walk while both were brightly dyed, as if they were accessories.

This seems to have inspired her to wrangle her dogs into additional videos in hopes of getting even more of the negative attention that she craves.

Fans want to stop Farrah from abusing or killing any more dogs, but there is only so much that fans can do. Sigh. 

Check this disaster out if you must:

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