E!: Prince Harry ‘is not applying for a green card or dual citizenship anytime soon’

As we discussed previously, the Duchess of Sussex is a hot American and Archie Mountbatten-Windsor is Prince Harry’s anchor baby. The haters want to make Harry’s citizenship or visa issues into a thing, like Harry will have trouble staying in America or living in America for any length of time. To me, this argument sounded like yet another half-baked theory from the British tabloid press for why Harry will eventually need to crawl back to them after he dumps his hot American wife. So what’s new? “Sources” now say that Harry has no plans to apply for a green card or American citizenship in general.

Prince Harry will not be taking that oath of American citizenship, despite speculation that he would apply following his recent move with Meghan Markle and son Archie Harrison to Los Angeles.

“Harry is not applying for a Green Card or dual citizenship anytime soon, which will come as a surprise to many because that is what most people assumed he’d do on moving to the U.S.,” a source told E! News.

The Sunday Times, which originally reported the news, said that an application for U.S. citizenship would require Harry to renounce his titles and would also expose him to U.S. taxation on his earnings worldwide, adding that it is unknown if he entered the country under the 90-day visa waiver program that is available to most Britons, or if he obtained a diplomatic or other special visa.

So what does this mean for Harry’s ability to earn an income in the United States? The Duke of Sussex has previously been estimated to be worth more than $36 million, and this may qualify him for a visa available to entrepreneurs willing to invest in the United States, the Sunday Times said. He could also possibly obtain an O-1 visa for “individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement,” the outlet added.

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I do think the immediate plan is for Harry to simply stay in America through visas, likely O-1 visas. But it also wouldn’t surprise me if there are plans afoot for an eventual green card application. It’s clear that Meghan and Harry’s larger plans were interrupted by the global crisis, but sources always said that they planned to spend much of this year in California. I wonder… so much of their future plans will depend on next year’s “one-year-later review” by the Firm. It’s interesting. I don’t pretend to have any idea about their larger hopes and dreams for living arrangements, visas, green cards, etc.

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