Duchess Kate rewore Emilia Wickstead for a day trip to South Wales with William

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Barry Island in South Wales on Wednesday, in what I assume was a day-trip with the goal of highlighting “staycation” tourism within Britain and the gradually reopening British economy. Spain’s Queen Letizia and King Felipe also did an in-country tour to highlight the local economy and all they got was a spike in Spanish coronavirus cases. I assume that’s how it will be in the UK too – while I absolutely acknowledge the very real economic issues with the pandemic, I feel like people (and businesses) should be taking more precautions and to be SEEN taking more precautions. Like, a simple mask mandate. I guess South Wales doesn’t believe in mask mandates, because Will and Kate spent part of the day going indoors and outdoors, and they were unmasked for what looked like several hours. They were not social distancing either. Why is this so f–king hard??

As for the fashion, Kate rewore a pricey Emilia Wickstead number which I remember from one of Kate’s eleventy billion “Kate did a garden” events last year. For what it is – a well-tailored, covered-up floral dress – it’s nice enough, although for the price of £1,635, it should be a lot more than “nice enough.” Kate also dusted off those ugly wedges she loves so much. A note about Kate’s hair: it’s shorter and blonder than it was two weeks ago. I’m pretty convinced that she was wearing a too-red wig for that Tiny Happy People launch.

Anyway, in the coverage I saw of this event at the Mail, they went on and on about how the Cambridges visited Nessa’s Slots, which is “Gavin & Stacey’s slot machine arcade,” from the popular British show (which I’ve never seen). Turns out, William hasn’t seen the show either. Which… why did they even make a special trip to this arcade then? We all know that William doesn’t read his briefing papers, but it turns out he’s too lazy to watch a TV show connected to a place he’s about to visit.

After the Nessa’s Slots maskless appearance, Will and Kate did wear masks for a visit to the Shire Hall Care Home in Cardiff, where they were around seniors. One of the seniors apparently told Kate that she was “sh-tty” at calling out Bingo numbers. Kate repeated the Amaia mask she wore on Tuesday. She should have worn it throughout the day’s appearances.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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