Donald Trump Jr. Suggests COVID Vaccine News After Election is 'Nefarious'

President Trump‘s eldest son has his tinfoil hat on Monday morning — he thinks the promising COVID vaccine news coming out right after the election is more than coincidence … he’s insinuating the drug company held its findings back till after the election so Trump wouldn’t get a bounce and possibly win as a result.

Donald Trump Jr.‘s response to Pfizer developing a coronavirus vaccine that may be more than 90 percent effective … “Nothing nefarious about the timing of this at all right?”

The President repeatedly claimed during the lead up to the election that a vaccine would be announced before voting day.  On top of that, Trump touted Pfizer as a company with great promise in finding a vaccine.  So his son is suggesting the findings were available but held back.

For his part, President Trump took a different approach to Pfizer’s vaccine results by tweeting — in all caps — “STOCK MARKET UP BIG, VACCINE COMING SOON. REPORT 90% EFFECTIVE. SUCH GREAT NEWS!”

President-elect Biden says he was informed of the vaccine development Sunday night and says, “I congratulate the brilliant women and men who helped produce this breakthrough and to give us such cause for hope.”

As we reported … Pfizer says the new vaccine will be available soon and it should have enough doses to immunize 15 million to 20 million people by year’s end. It requires 2 doses and takes 28 days from the first dose to become effective.  One of the things that makes this so significant — the worry is that 40% of the people won’t take the vaccine, but if it’s more than 90% effective it will still provide great protection for those who choose to take it.

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