Deep Purple Drop New Single ‘Man Alive’

Deep Purple have released the song “Man Alive” from the rock band’s upcoming album, Whoosh.

It came as a coincidence that the song features references to the end of humanity in the middle of coronavirus pandemic, but the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band’s frontman and lyricist Ian Gillan described it as an abstract concept.

“There was an apocalyptic quality to the (music of) ‘Man Alive’, and the idea developed lyrically from there — the scenario of this event that took place and everyone got killed, and you get this picture of ‘all creatures great and small grazed on blood red soil, and grass that grows on city streets,” Gillan told Billboard.

“So it’s a post-humanity scenario. And then all of a sudden something’s washed up on the beach, and it turns out to be a man, and it’s the only living man — but it’s just a man, so…That’s the end of humanity, because what use is one man? That was the idea. If it was a painting, you’d call it impressionistic,” he added.

“Man Alive” is the second song from Whoosh, which is scheduled to release on August 7.

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