Daniel Radcliffe Explains How He Found Out About His False Coronavirus Rumor on ‘Late Show’! (Video)

Daniel Radcliffe is speaking out about that false rumor that he had Coronavirus.

Earlier last month, rumors began spreading that the 30-year-old Harry Potter star tested positive for the world health crisis after a tweet from a fake BBC account went viral. The hoax account tweeted out, “BREAKING: Daniel Radcliffe tests positive for coronavirus. The actor is said to be the first famous person to be publicly confirmed.”

Daniel called into Stephen Colbert‘s home-edition of The Late Show on Tuesday night (March 31) and revealed how he found out about the Twitter Hoax.

“This was about three weeks ago. I was going into doing my play and the makeup artist said to me, ‘You’ve got coronavirus’,” Daniel recalled. “I was like, ‘What?! He had got a text from his niece who apparently just texted him saying, “Oh, yeah, that dude you’re working with, he’s got coronavirus.’ Very much like a warning text, being like ‘you shouldn’t be working with him. You shouldn’t be there at all.’”

“I’ve had various weird stories made up about me over the years, but not as topical as this,” Daniel continued. “I kind of laughed it off and then I did a day a press the next day, in which every interview was just me denying that I had coronavirus.”

Dan on his theories as to why he thinks the rumors started: “I’m just very pale so I think there’s that. There’s me being pale and I think also I’m not on social media so I’m not on top of it enough to like see it and react to it quickly enough to stop it.”

Daniel Radcliffe also confirmed that he’s holding up well at home while social distancing, and that he’s been building LEGOs to pass time.

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