Dana White Says No Deal with Brock Lesnar, 'Just Don't See Him Coming Back'

Bad news for Brock Lesnar fans … Dana White says the former UFC champ has NOT taken him up on his offer to put together a fight with Jon Jones.

And, Dana says he doesn’t expect it’ll ever happen.

Remember, White previously told us he would be down to make a fight between the ex-heavyweight champ and Jones if both guys really wanted it to happen.

Dana even invited Brock to call him so they could talk out a deal.

So, when we spoke with White we had to ask if Brock has reached out — and unfortunately, it was crickets.

“Not a word,” White tells TMZ Sports.

“The guy has had a long killer career. He actually came in and became a UFC heavyweight champ and the guy’s made a lot of money. I just don’t see him coming back over here again at his age.”

White says he would love for Brock to call just so they can talk anyway — “I’d love to hear how he’s doing and how his family is, stuff like that.”

But, White says, “I think that’s gonna be the extent of the conversation with him.”

As for Jon Jones, he’s moving up from light heavyweight to the heavyweight division — but when we asked Dana if there is a fight on the horizon … again, crickets.

“Nope. Nothing. He’s out doing his thing and ya know — nothing.”

If Brock really decides to walk away forever … it was a pretty solid career — he beat Randy Couture for the heavyweight belt in 2008 — and defended against guys like Frank Mir and Shane Carwin.

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