Craig Phillips: Big Brother star in disagreement with pregnant wife: ’She took no notice’

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Craig Phillips, 48, exclusively told that he had actively encouraged wife, Laura Phillips, who is expecting their second child next month, to carefully monitor their energy usage at home. However, he claimed that despite his best efforts Laura has taken “no notice” of his protestations to no longer fill the kettle up all the way to the top.

She took no notice of me

Craig Phillips

Craig recalled: “I remember saying to my wife Laura, ‘Working outside is cold, can you put the kettle on?’

“I would come in and get a cup of tea and Laura had filled the whole kettle up to the top. I used to say to her, ‘Laura you don’t need to fill it right up to the top. You’re wasting energy, you’re wasting money!’”

However, Laura was not entirely convinced by Craig’s advice, as she continued to fill the kettle right up when needing a cup of tea.

He continued: “Anyway she took no notice of me. Then when I got the smart meters installed I would say to her, ‘Come on have a look at this’. 

“The kettle uses almost more energy than anything else. You only need to put in enough for one cup and then all of a sudden when you see it on the smart meter, you realise you’re wasting energy and you’re wasting your own money.”

Craig, who has teamed up with Homebase to encourage shoppers to go green, shared that installing a smart meter is the easiest way to make households eco-friendly.

He spoke of his own experience with the cost-saving technology, adding: “We first got a smart meter fitted, it was just over eighteen months ago, I was probably like many people [and] didn’t take much notice of it. I had heard of it, but you’re busy running your life and things, your electric and gas are just ticking over.

“I was probably just thinking to myself, do I need one? Or don’t I? And our providers asked if we wanted one. This was eighteen months ago now, so we said, ‘Yes why not’.”

The couple have been busy designing and renovating their dream home over the past couple of years.

On Instagram Craig and Laura have been documenting the process on their popular Mr And Mrs DIY account.

In a recent post, the pair shared how the inspiration to create a page together stemmed from the desire to “help people of all ages” with DIY.

They wrote: “If you are new to our page here is what you can expect from us… With years of DIY experience, we decided to share our dedication to drilling, hammering, painting, fixing and creating with the country. 

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“Because we’re passionate about helping people of all ages turn a house into a home. And so, Mr & Mrs DIY was born.

“From building confidence in the basics to DIY hacks and helping your money go further, we’re here to teach you (or your other half) how to finally get DIY done – the right way!

“What DIY projects are you planning? We would love to hear about them,” they added.

However as the pair expect to welcome their second child next month, Craig admitted they will be “slowing down” soon.

He explained: “We have got baby number two on the way, next month so that will slow us down a little bit. 

“In the meantime, we’re going to carry on doing our online videos and putting them out on YouTube.”

The former Big Brother winner was a trained bricklayer before appearing on the show that made him famous and has since worked on several DIY programmes.

Craig Phillips launches the ‘The Green Aisle’, a dedicated sustainable space for energy efficient and eco-friendly home improvement products that encourages shoppers to take small steps in home efficiency, such as getting a smart meter installed.

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