Coleen Rooney 'wants last-minute exit from Rebekah Vardy libel case'

Coleen Rooney ‘wants last-minute exit from her upcoming libel court case against Rebekah Vardy’ after her rival vowed to ‘clear her name’

Coleen Rooney reportedly wants to make a last-minute exit from her upcoming £1 million High Court libel battle against Rebekah Vardy, set to take place from November.

Sources claim those close to the wife of Derby County footballer Wayne Rooney, 34, have been encouraging her to settle their dispute privately, after her rival, 38, confirmed she is taking part in Dancing On Ice and has vowed to ‘clear her name’. 

The pair have been at loggerheads ever since Coleen accused Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy’s wife of leaking stories about her to the media last October – a claim she fiercely denies.  

Change of mind? Coleen Rooney (pictured on Tuesday) reportedly wants to make a last-minute exit from her upcoming £1 million libel battle against Rebekah Vardy

An insider told The Sun: ‘Things have gone much further than many had expected. 

‘Coleen is a rather shy and private person, so the idea of having personal matters relating to her and Wayne raked over in court is something that fills her with dread.’ 

MailOnline has contacted representatives for Coleen and Rebekah for further comment.

The new claims came after I’m A Celebrity star Becky addressed their highly-publicised feud on Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain, when she also revealed she’s set to take to the rink and appear on next year’s edition of Dancing On Ice.

Standing her ground: The mother-of-four’s rival Becky, 38, confirmed she is taking part in Dancing On Ice on Tuesday and has vowed to ‘clear her name’ amid their bitter feud

The reality star said: ‘Look, we tried to sort things out amicably, it just didn’t work. I understand people think it’s ridiculous, but what was I meant to do? I need to clear my name. 

‘I want to clear my name. I will do whatever that takes. I hope it’s going to be resolved soon. It’s just one of the things that has to go through the process unfortunately now.

‘I found it really tough. But to be fair Piers, in comparison to what some people have gone through with COVID and things like that, it’s incomparable.’

She added of her ITV stint: ‘I’m so ready for the sequins and the full glam squad. After months of lockdown it’ll be nice to get the glam on… I just think I want everyone to laugh at me really! 

‘I will do whatever that takes’: The new claims came after I’m A Celebrity star Becky addressed their highly-publicised feud on Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain 

Rink ready: The brunette revealed she is due to start training for next year’s Dancing On Ice ‘in a couple of weeks’

‘My dad taught me how to stand up on a pair of skates when I was about 7 years old, we used to go skating a lot when my mum and dad split up, we would go with him to the local ice rink. 

‘I’m really excited actually. The only time I’ve been ice skating since is when we take our kids to the rink.’ 

Asked whether her husband Jamie, 33, is excited to see her compete on the show, she added: ‘He says he hopes I don’t fall over too much so I hope I don’t fall over too much!’

Rebekah added that she decided to sign up for the show as she wanted ‘everyone to laugh at her,’ and revealed she is due to start training ‘in a couple of weeks.’ 

The brunette explained: ‘I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into that and get going with it. I’m going to give 100 per cent effort throughout. And I hopefully won’t knock my Shergar teeth out.’

According to The Mirror, Coleen and Rebekah will face off in November – just over one year after the former accused the latter of leaking stories about her.

Former model Becky is seeking substantial damages in the subsequent libel trial, as she claims to have suffered ‘severe and extreme hostility and abuse’ in the fallout after the claims were published on Instagram.   

The full statement: Coleen’s very public feud began when she accused Rebekah of leaking stories to the press last year, a claim Rebekah vehemently denies

Dancing On Ice 2021: Who are the celebrities?



Age: 42 

Profession: Musician and radio host 

Myleene says: ‘My girls have always wanted me to do this but I’ve always been too scared someone will skate over my fingers!’ 


Age: 52

Profession: Actor and singer, best know for playing Scott Robinson in Neighbours 

Jason says: ‘To be able to learn a skill and spend some time focused is quite exciting, and I’m looking forward to seeing you guys.’



Age: 33

Profession: Actress best known for her role as Kate Connor in Coronation Street

Faye says: ‘I’m so excited! The producers get to know you and this is the first time I think people are just going to see me, not being a character… Just being me – Faye!’



Age: 53

Profession: Former sprint and hurdling athlete, who has since carved out a career as a TV personality

Colin says: ‘You go out there, you enjoy yourself and you learn a new skill and to hone the skill of skating will just be a huge, huge plus. I’m looking forward to it.’



Age: 38

Profession: TV personality

Rebekah says: ‘I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into that. I’m going to give my 100% effort for it all.’



Age: 46 

Profession: Performer and presenter, best known for The Big Breakfast  

Denise says: ‘I’m really excited. Finally, I get to tell people. I’ve kept this a secret from most of my friends and family. Betsy [her daughter] doesn’t even know….’



Age:  27

Profession: Singer and radio presenter, best known for his daily Breakfast Show on Capital Radio

Sonny says: ‘I don’t want to fall over, not in front of the nation. I don’t want to be a meme the next day!’ 



Age: 18

Profession: Actor best known for his role as Jacob Gallagher in Emmerdale 

Joe-Warren says: ‘I’m super excited. I’m glad I have the time off Emmerdale to really focus on training…’ 




Age: 54

Profession: Former Olympic skier, who is also a TV presenter, adventurer and journalist

Graham says: ‘Ice doesn’t scare me, it’s the dancing… [My experience was confined to] ‘dancing on tables, wearing ski boots in après ski. It’s not graceful and elegant!’


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