Chrissy Teigen Shared a Hilarious Truth About Parenting on Instagram

Yes, the Teigen-Legends might be way up there in the official Cutest Celebrity Families rankings, but that doesn’t mean Chrissy Teigen’s afraid to share the occasional harsh parenting truth. One such terrifying reality: There is, apparently, no such thing as alone time once you’ve had a kid. The concept simply ceases to exist.

For proof, please direct your attention to Teigen’s latest (hilarious) Instagram post, in which she attempts to focus on her laptop in the kitchen (tangentially, I’m frothing with envy over that giant coffee machine in the background) while Luna sticks her head under her robe. The fitting caption: “if u are thinking about having children, wonderful! but know u can’t do shit alone ever again ever.”

Teigen’s discussed the wrenching loss of precious, precious solitude that comes with parenting before: Back in February, she told Refinery29, “Some days are harder than others, and you’re looking for someone to tell you that that it’s OK to lock the bathroom door for once,” adding, “Like, I want privacy!” Chrissy, I am a parent only to cats and one aloe vera plant that died an over-watered death on my windowsill, but allow me to tell you regardless: It is OK to lock the bathroom door.

From: Marie Claire US

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