Chris Evans: ‘She’s really hurt herself’ Virgin Radio host’s wife suffers accident at home

Chris Evans, 53, told listeners of his Thursday morning show that he will be “carrying a bit of a heavier domestic responsibility” for the next few days after his wife Natasha, 38, suffered a nasty fall. He revealed that she fell down the stairs at their home and has been left “unable to walk” properly due to the pain.

I went home yesterday and she burst into tears because she couldn’t get around the house

Chris Evans

“I went home yesterday and she burst into tears because she couldn’t get around the house, ” Chris admitted.

“She went to bed and thought it was OK and she woke up limping – she can’t walk but she doesn’t want to go to A&E because she doesn’t want to be a needless burden,” he explained.

Health staff currently have their work cut out due to the coronavirus outbreak, as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc in numerous countries around the world.

“But maybe she’ll have to [go], we’ll see,” he said.


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The former BBC host said that Natasha’s vocation in life “is her family”, but frustrations are heightening as she is unable to move around properly.

But Chris was able to provide a quick pick-me-up for his injured beloved, as a listener had text in a humorous joke to cheer her up.

“Sweetheart, if you’re listening, Mackie in Belfast has texted in the lighter side of your particular plight at the moment,” he said.

“It’s a quick guide of if you’re going to fall down the stairs, HOW to fall down the stairs.”

There was a slight pause as Chris took a breather.

“Should we go with this?” he giggled, sounding unsure about whether Natasha would appreciate the joke.

His co-host Vassos Alexander exclaimed in the background: “Yes!”

The radio DJ continued: “OK, a quick guide on how to fall down the stairs – step one…”

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The studio suddenly fell deadly silent as there was another pause.

But before long, it was revealed to be part of the witticism.

“Step six, step eight, nine, 10 and 11!” Chris hooted, as Vassos cracked to himself in the background.

It was only this week that Chris was talking about Natasha being stoney-faced when it came to crying, revealing “she never used to cry” at anything.


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But he said she’d suddenly tapped into her emotions and now he “can’t stop” her from tearing up.

The former Top Gear presenter laughed as he joked about her crying at a car advert that was once on TV, but on this occasion, a pass for crying is most definitely warranted!

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virign Radio.

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