Chelsea Houska: Pregnant with Fourth Child!!!

So Chelsea Houska is definitely the most popular Teen Mom, right?

Fans really, really love her just an awful lot.

It could be because she’s so darn cute, and she’s been living an absolute fairy tale with husband Cole DeBoer.

Or maybe it’s because she really rarely finds herself in any drama, and when she does, she usually tries her best to make it right.

A lot of people also just like seeing her do well after Adam Lind treated her so terribly for so many years.

Whatever it is, people really do love her.

And they’re probably going to lose their minds when they find out that she’s officially announced she’s pregnant!

Yep, today Chelsea hopped on Instagram to share the big news that she’s currently expecting her fourth child.

She has her oldest, Aubree, who’s father is Adam (although Cole seems to be much more of a dad to her).

In 2017, she and Cole had their first child together, Watson, and in 2018, baby Layne came along.

The happy couple has to be pretty busy with the three kids, but fans will also know that they’ve been hard at work at building their dream home.

And that home played a role in the adorable announcement Chelsea just shared!

On an unfinished wall in the home, she wrote out all the names of her family … and at the bottom of the list, she added “Baby.”

In her caption for the photo, she wrote “One more DeBoer! Coming early 2021.”

And isn’t that just the most precious thing you’ve ever even heard of?

There’s been a rumor going around about the pregnancy for a few weeks now, all because Chelsea hasn’t been sharing many photos on Instagram.

Seriously, that’s how the rumor started.

She had been posting lots of fashion content where she modelled all sorts of clothes, and of course she’s always loved posting attractive photos with Cole, but those have all come to a stop.

The theory was that she made so much money with the fashion posts and got so much positive attention for all posts in general, so it wouldn’t make sense for her to stop posting unless she had something she wanted to hide.

Something like a baby bump!

It honestly seemed like kind of a silly thing at the time, but obviously there was something to it.

Women usually show earlier with each pregnancy, so even though Chelsea is probably just beginning her second trimester now (considering the early 2021 due date), she could definitely have a bump already.

Most of her fellow Teen Mom stars haven’t had a chance to react to the big news already, but longtime friend — and the only fellow mom of four! — Kailyn Lowry has taken the time to congratulate her.

“So happy for y’all!!!!” she commented on the photo. “And I love that you write your story into your home.”

Jade Cline shared the photo and said “Congrats” with some heart emojis, and Chelsea reposted it on her story, saying “Thanks babe!”

Like we said, everyone loves Chelsea, so we’re sure we’ll see all kinds of well wishes coming out soon!

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Congrats, Chelsea!

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