Carol Kirkwood: BBC weather star addresses first kiss ‘It wasn’t very remarkable’

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BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood, 58, took a trip down memory lane to try and remember her very first kiss. Unable to jog her memory, she admitted the novice act couldn’t have been very remarkable, as she wasn’t able to remember who it was with.

I honestly can’t remember, obviously it wasn’t very remarkable!

Carol Kirkwood

Speaking with, Carol confessed that the moment had slipped her mind.

“My first kiss was probably with a boy at school,” she said.

“But I honestly can’t remember!”

She cheekily added: “Obviously it wasn’t very remarkable!”

Giving her fans an insight into her personal life away from the bright lights of the BBC studios, Carol wanted to set the record straight on something incorrect stated on her Wikipedia page.

When asked what’s the best thing her parents taught her, she said “manners”, due to their occupation as hotel owners.

But she quickly interjected: “Which I wasn’t brought up in – despite what Wikipedia says!”

Back to the question in hand, she continued: “We’d eat in the dining room with this plethora of cutlery.

“They taught us about things like that and also to be considerate and kind to other people, no matter what.”

She added: “They were also very strict on homework, so no slacking for us. It set me in good stead, so I’m grateful for it all.”

But Carol admitted if there was one thing she could change about herself now, it would be to be “more creative and practical”.

“Dick and Angel Strawbridge [Escape to the Chateau stars] are superb and I’d give anything to be able to make things from nothing the way they do,” Carol said of the stars of the popular BBC home renovation series.

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“I’d love to walk into my house and think, ‘I’m going to make some curtains for that window,’ but I wouldn’t have the first clue where to start!”

Regardless of not having an eye for that sort of thing, Carol has made a splash in the world of TV and BBC Breakfast viewers love to see her on their screens each morning.

Over the years, she has been openly appreciative about how much she loves her job, no matter how testing her day to day routine can be.

But there is one thing she regrets not doing throughout her career, and that’s keeping a journal about her exciting professional life.

The meteorologist admitted her remorse that she didn’t pen down of all the “amazing” experiences she’s had over her career.

My biggest regret is not keeping a journal,” she said.

“I’ve had the most amazing experiences through my job. I got to fly with the Red Arrows, skydive with the Red Devils and meet the Queen at Sandringham, so I wish I’d written it all down.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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