Candace Owens Changes Her View on Abortion Due to Pregnancy

Previously supporting the pro-choice movement, the conservative author now feels like she was brainwashed ‘into believing that it was my body, and therefore, simply, my choice.’

AceShowbizCandace Owens has always been in the pro-choice side until her pregnancy. Announcing that she’s currently expecting a child on Friday, August 28, the conservative author shared how her views on abortion has changed after experiencing how it feels like to have a bun in the oven.

Her announcement was accompanied with a clip that featured footage of her activism before the scene changed to show her cradling her baby bump in a black top. In the caption of the post, Candace recalled the time when she first learned about abortion and how she believed that she had rights to abort her baby because it’s her body. However, that all changed after she became a pregnant woman.

“I was amazed that our baby already had arms and legs, hands and feet and was dancing around inside me. I was overcome by an inexorable sense of love followed by the powerful realization that I would do anything and everything to protect my unborn child,” she said. “But I was mostly astonished that all those years ago in high school, I was lied to. I was brainwashed into believing that it was my body, and therefore, simply, my choice.”

Candace continued by taking a jab at Miley Cyrus and Jameela Jamil for being vocals about their support on abortion, saying, “Years ago, I would have thought these women were heroic feminists. Today I know that they are anything but.” She then went to remind other women that they “are allowed to change your mind. To all the young women who made uninformed decisions to go through with abortions: you are not ‘murderers’ and you are not automatically disqualified from being pro-life. You too can have a change of heart.”

She concluded her lengthy post by saying, “Life is a miracle. Life is sacred. And when women carry life, we get to become the keepers of some of the Universe’s greatest secrets: beginnings.”

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