Bubba Watson Says COVID Has Made Golf More Popular Than Ever, 'All-Time High'

PGA superstar Bubba Watson says golf is BOOMING in popularity right now all because of COVID — and it’s so huge, equipment companies can barely keep up with the demand!

“Golf is at an all-time high because of the virus,” Watson tells TMZ Sports … “There’s more people playing the game, there’s more equipment being sold.”

Watson isn’t trying to be insensitive — he’s just pointing out the facts … people are looking for safe activities to do during the pandemic and golf checks a lot of those boxes since it’s outdoors and you can easily social distance while playing.

Watson — who’s promoting the “Golf Clash” mobile game — says even interest in golf VIDEO GAMES is through the roof right now.

In fact, Watson says golf equipment companies are “a little behind”  the demand — and they’re struggling to churn out enough product to keep everyone happy!

“They’re trying to push through and it’s hard to get components to make golf clubs. It’s hard to get different golf equipment to be made because of some of the slow down.”

Watson — who’s currently competing at The Masters — even joked that for once Tiger Woods can’t take all the credit for the massive spike in interest … though the way Tiger is playing right now, golf might get another boom by the end of the weekend!

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