Brian May: Queen star issues warning with late-night video as he wades into US Election

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Brian May took to Instagram yesterday to share his opinions on the state of British and American politics and a need for the truth. Alongside his video, the 73-year-old warned fans that it was a “lengthy late-night ramble”.

Brian said he had delayed posting the video as he wasn’t sure about airing it, but on second thoughts felt that the time was right.

“If you’re the kind of person who thinks Rock Stars should stick to guitar playing and not have opinions, please don’t bother to listen,” he told his 2.6 million followers.

“If you, too, are wondering where truth can be found, and if there is any hope of unity of purpose in this modern world, please listen and give me your feedback,” he went on to say.

In the accompanying footage, the legendary rock star shared an idea for finding the truth amid so much false information.

“On the need for TRUTH! Warning – this is a lengthy late-night ramble, which I recorded last night (you can tell by the T-shirt!), not tonight,” his caption began.

“I hesitated to post it, but right now it seems worth airing,” he continued.

Brian said: “I’m going to say something to you which came up in my head tonight and some of you will probably start to hate me, but hear me out to the end, cause it may not be as simple as you think and I’m going to reveal my prejudices, but them I’m going to examine them.”

He went on to talk about the American presidential race and how it had created a “dreadful split, which is paralysing America”.

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Talking about Donald Trump and how he has been portrayed in the media, he said: “It seemed to us [in the UK] that the man constantly lied, bullied and cheated and made a complete disgrace of himself but still 70 million people went, ‘OK, he’s a good man’.

“Now that can only be the case if the information we had is wrong or the information which you guys that voted for Mr Trump is wrong. Somewhere there must be some truth.

“So here’s my thought, I’m prepared to look at the fact that we are wrong, it could well be so, that we are somehow being fed false information.

“We think it’s impartial… but I don’t know.”

Brian suggested that we should create a “Truth Commission”, a board of 20 people to “find the truth and evaluate”.

“Let’s hear it for decency, tolerance, equality, and… peace,” he signed off.

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