Brendan Gleeson's Portrayal Of Donald Trump In The Comey Rule Is Chilling AF! Watch The Trailer HERE!

The very first trailer for Showtime‘s limited series The Comey Rule was released on Monday morning, and all we can say after seeing it is we want MORE!

The two-part series, which is set to air on September 27 and 28, is based on the New York Times bestselling book A Higher Loyalty and features Jeff Daniels as former FBI director James Comey. In the series, Daniels is set to go opposite actor Brendan Gleeson, who — at least based on the trailer — looks chilling as f**k in his portrayal of President Donald Trump.

Set around the 2016 United States presidential election, The Comey Rule follows the high-stakes battle between Comey’s FBI and Trump’s unlikely ascent to the top political office in America. To say the two-and-a-half minute trailer is tense is an understatement, TBH, with creepy Trump going hard against Comey and, by extension, everything good and decent in American life…

Seriously, ch-ch-check this thing out (below):


Definite biopic feel there, but also features of an epic good vs. evil battle and so many sinister undertones alluding to what we all eventually lived through after that fateful 2016 election…

It’ll admittedly be somewhat difficult to watch knowing what eventually happened in real life between Trump and Comey, but this limited series looks phenomenal nonetheless! Sign us up!

And seriously… Gleeson’s Trump is quickly going to be a feature of our future nightmares! We can just tell already! Who knew Mad-Eye Moody had it in him?? LOLz!

What do U think about the trailer, Perezcious readers?! Are U going to catch this limited series when it airs on Showtime on September 27 and 28??

Sound OFF about it with your take down in the comments (below)…

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