Beyoncé's Chrome Outfit Birthday Request Stirs Fan Frenzy, Boosts Sales

Beyoncé‘s most loyal fans are in full panic mode after she asked them to wear chrome to her upcoming concerts … and we’ve learned that’s prompted a mad scramble online for silver clothing.

We spoke with several businesses on Etsy, and they tell us concertgoers have been messaging online shops, desperately trying to find the perfect outfit to please their queen, and one of the biggest challenges is getting it shipped, STAT!


We’re told chrome outfits are sellin’ like hotcakes, with items as expensive as a $112 shirt already low in stock.

Sequin Fans, one of the hot-selling companies — says it’s seen a 200% sales increase in silver apparel and a 400% bump in overall traffic.

Radiancy Designs saw more than 4 times its usual traffic after Bey posted her request, with 80% of that coming from folks searching “Renaissance Tour”-related keywords.

In case ya missed it, Beyoncé raved about her concerts thus far, and asked fans to celebrate her upcoming birthday by wearing “your most fabulous silver fashions” as her world tour nears the end.

Sounds like fans understand the assignment … but maybe give them a little more of a heads-up next time, Bey!!!

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