Azealia Banks Shaves Her Head: ‘I’m Shaving All This Stress Out’

Azealia Banks is starting over with her hair journey.

The 29-year-old “212″ rapper documented her experience shaving her hair off in a series of posts on her Instagram Story on Saturday (August 1).

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“All this stress energy and breakup energy…I’m about to have my Britney Spears moment. I feel like Britney, bitch on some 2007 shit, I’m gonna shave my head bitch, just to feel fresh again,” she explained.

She also said that she was inspired by watching Beyonce‘s Black Is King.

“That s–t got me wanting to shave all this relaxed hair off. I’m sitting here reading all the dangers of relaxers,” she explained.

“Is that why I’m crazy? ‘Cause of the hair relaxer and pink lotion? No, I’m shaving this s–t off. I’m shaving all this stress out of my head. I’m shaving the man off,” she explained.

“I feel so f–king free…I had to get all that energy off. Yes!” she said during the process.

“That feels so f–king fresh and free. You see this? Scalp burn from relaxing my hair. No. I’m just going to be bald under these wigs until the end of coronavirus and then I’m going to grow my hair back in…by the time coronavirus ends, I’m going to be nice with these clippers…spiritually, I just feel like…years of trauma and energy just came off. That was cleansing, bitch.”

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