Are Justin Theroux and Katie Holmes Dating?

The world mourned when JustinTheroux and Jennifer Aniston announced their separation. The duo, who marriedin 2015, had spent years dating before tying the knot, and fans really thoughthey were built to last. It didn’t work out that way, though. They announcedthe end of their relationship in 2017, and while they remain friends, it’sclear both are moving on. Rumors have been swirling for months that Aniston isrekindling her love affair with her first husband, BradPitt. Now, it’s rumored that Theroux is dating Katie Holmes. So, are the rumorstrue?

How did the rumors start?

Rumors of a Holmes/Theroux romance began back in October2019 when Woman’s Day quoted an anonymous source who suggested the pair werespotted out together in a New York City restaurant. The following month, thesame publication reported that things were getting more serious. More recently,the magazine once again ran a story regarding the potential romance, claiming Holmeshad introduced her new beau to her daughter, Suri.

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Here’s the issue; there is no photographic evidence to backup the claims. In fact, it doesn’t even seem like Theroux and Holmes have everbeen in the same room together, let alone having romantic one-on-oneconversations. Theroux, however, has been spotted on the town with a mysterywoman, who most assuredly is not Holmes.

Holmes’ rep insists she doesn’t even know Theroux

While several publications have decided to run with therumors that Holmes and Theroux are an item, it doesn’t seem to be true. Infact, GossipCop has reported that Holmes’ rep insists she doesn’t even know Theroux.The only commonality the rumored duo have is geography. Holmes and Theroux bothreside in New York City, along with 8.6 million other people. Beyond that,though, they don’t appear to even run in the same social circle.

Therouxmoved back to New York following his split from Aniston. It has beenrumored that the pair ended their marriage because of Theroux’s desire to livein New York and Aniston’s desire to remain on the West Coast. Since the end offtheir union, Theroux has been spotted out and about in New York’s art sceneoften, but Holmes has never been pictured with him.

Holmes is known for keeping her relationships low key

Even if Holmes and Theroux are seeing each other, which isfar from confirmed, fans probably wouldn’t be clued in for some time. In the yearssince her famous divorce, Holmes has kept her romantic relationships extremely private.In fact, it took years for Holmes to acknowledge her romance with JamieFoxx.

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Holmes and Foxx reportedly began dating back in 2013,shortly after Holmes’ divorce from Tom Cruise was finalized. The pair didn’t acknowledgethe relationship until 2017 when they were photographed holding hands. Theydidn’t attend a public event together until 2018. Rumor has it the romance waskept quiet due to aclause in Holmes’ divorce agreement. They split in 2019.

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