Anthony Joshua teases he's 'available' as boxer lifts lid on dating life

Anthony Joshua lifted the lid on his love life, insisting that he ‘doesn’t really date’ but is definitely ‘available’.

The boxer teamed up with Peperami Chicken Bites for a unique dating experiment – where singletons cooked him a dish, and he enjoyed a meal with his favourite one.

Basically our dream day.

And, during the campaign, the 30-year-old – who is dad to son JJ from a previous relationship – candidly discussed his romantic life, dating as a parent and what he looks for in a partner.

When asked if he went on a lot of dates, he confessed: ‘The honest answer is I don’t really date. My last date was in the boxing gym…with boxing, I am married to boxing really.

‘I don’t really do dates, I am not really interested in it. I am much more in to just being in relaxed situations and developing friendships.

‘I don’t think my schedule plays any part in it really, I just don’t put pressure on situations. In terms of kids I guess it is down to the individual circumstances.’

‘I don’t actually have a particular type, just someone who gets me, I see beauty in everyone,’ he said.

‘If we get along, I think that is going to take the person a long way in my list of expectations.

‘In terms of qualities, I think it’s important how people were raised and the values they have.’

AJ has been linked to a string of famous faces, and explained he would definitely be up for dating a fellow celebrity, teasing that he’s ‘available’.

Someone get him on Celebrity Love Island ASAP.

Discussing the way to his heart, he continued: ‘One way is definitely through food, which was a big part of the reason I enjoyed being involved in this campaign.

‘I don’t really see myself as a celebrity but you know what, if any celebrities are out there looking I am available.’

So what would a dinner date with Anthony Joshua be like?

‘No starters, straight to the mains, the bill is expensive,’ he laughed.

‘Some people are looking at this meat and that cut, this rare and whether it’s been massaged on a farm. I just look at what’s the cheapest on the menu, I’ll have that.

‘For me no food is off limits, I would just like who I am with to enjoy themselves and eat exactly what they want to.

‘I am definitely not a food snob.’

Definitely our kind of guy.

Anthony Joshua has been challenged by Peperami Chicken Bites to find love at first bite. To watch the episode, visit @PeperamiTV on Instagram.

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