American Idol Alum Casey Goode Reveals Her Newborn Was Diagnosed With COVID-19

Heartbreaking news.

American Idol season 8 alum Casey Goode, best known by the name Quigley, has revealed that her newborn son has tested positive for the coronavirus, after previously spending time in the NICU following his birth.

On Sunday, the social media influencer shared that she and Max are currently quarantined together in the pediatric ICU after he came down with a 110-degree fever over the weekend. In an emotional video posted to her Instagram Story on Sunday, the 32-year-old divulged:

“I’m in shock right now. It’s 8 a.m. we’ve been in the emergency room since 1. Max had a fever and he tested positive for COVID. I’m here by myself and I’m trying really hard to stay strong for him, but I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Her husband Alex Goode was not allowed to join the new momma in the hospital due to current COVID restrictions, but shared an update with fans online in his own IG Story videos:

“Max is doing very well. He’s on kind of oxygen as a precautionary measure. His fever’s down. They’re talking about discharging him to quarantine at home tomorrow.”

That’s great news!

Though Casey is not currently showing symptoms, she is being treated in the hospital as if she has been exposed. Goode also shared her son contracted the virus “from direct contact with a medical professional who had cared for him earlier in the week.”

Read more from the musician (below):

On Sunday Alex also uploaded photos of his wife and son, writing:

“His fever has come down since being admitted, but he has been put on oxygen as a precaution. We are in good spirits but we could also use some positive vibes, so please keep Mad Maxi & Mama Quigley in your thoughts tonight”

What a scary situation for any parents to go through! Especially new ones!!

Max was born in late September after a complicated delivery experience. Casey went into labor at exactly 37 weeks, just as she and her husband/business partner were leaving their “babymoon” in Ojai, California and heading back to their home in Los Angeles. On the drive back to El Lay, the expecting momma was informed she had a condition called cholestasis which put her and the baby at risk, and also found out she had preeclampsia upon her arrival at the hospital.

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