Amanda Bynes’ Mom Reportedly ‘Furious’ Over The Former Child Star’s ‘Complicated

Mother always seems to know best, and for Amanda Bynes, that may mean quite a bit of trouble upcoming as she lives through her pregnancy.

The former child star, now 33 years old, first confirmed she was carrying her own child back in March, right after seemingly announcing her split from fiancé Paul Michael. At the time, Bynes had been reportedly “very happy” with the pregnancy, according to a source — but now, at least for some members of her family, it appears reality has set in, and questions loom about custody, medication, and mental health treatment.

According to an insider who spoke about the ongoing pregnancy to Us Weekly, the former Nickelodeon star’s mother, Lynn, is decidedly not as happy as her daughter about the apparently not-so-planned foray into motherhood. And in fact, according to that source, having a baby on board has altered Amanda’s medication and mental health care in ways that are very concerning to her momma.

The insider revealed more, saying:

“Amanda’s mom is furious she is pregnant as treating her mental health issues has become complicated. Amanda doesn’t want to take some of the meds because of dangers to baby.”

Whoa!!! “Furious” is definitely one (serious) way to put it… clearly, tensions are high and questions abound in what’s become a very uncertain situation.

Of course, with the presence of medications for Amanda’s mental health treatment factored in,  it’s understandable everyone involved is on high alert there. And aside from the physical concerns about the starlet taking her baby to term and staying on her meds (or not?), there are also major custody questions in play, too. As you’ll recall, the former Easy A star is still under a conservatorship administered by her mother. How will that come into play once a baby is born?

The last few months have been headline-grabbing for the former TV and film star, with everything popping up from new tattoos to a shocking engagement, more chapters of the ongoing legal drama surrounding her mental state, and now a baby on the way. Whew. Quite a bit to take in…

All we can do is wish her the best as the pregnancy continues — no matter how things play out, here’s to good health for both momma and baby!

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