All the Loki<\/em> Memes That Make Us Laugh (or Cry, TBH)

The excitement around everyone’s favorite God of Mischief getting his own series—Loki, now in the midst of its 6-week run on Disney+—grows each time a new episode is released. But can you blame Marvel fans? Though he was initially depicted as a villain, Loki’s unpredictable nature and craftiness as an MCU character makes a series following him that much more watchable (and his character development in the last half decade doesn’t hurt either). And let’s not pretend we aren’t moved by how perfect Tom Hiddleston is at playing Loki.

An update on the events of Loki’s life was needed anyway. The last we saw of the trickster was in the time travel sequence in Avengers:Endgame. He used the Tesseract (the mystical blue cube, Infinity Stone inside, that grants its user the ability to manipulate time and space) to disappear from the lobby of Stark Tower. So far, Loki has been a big hit, and fans have been loving the story that picks up after Loki awakes far away, and is led to answer to the Time Variance Authority for his crimes against the timeline.

The dynamic between Loki and Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) sparked everyone’s interest throughout the first two episodes. Loki’s excessive grandiose and self-esteem being prodded at by Mobius’ laid back ordinary personality provides a lot of its comedic value. Fans showed their appreciation for the dynamic online— some even going as far as shipping Loki and Mobius as their OTP.

As always, Twitter came through with the memes:

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