Alison Roman has been ‘suspended’ from her biweekly NY Times food column

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Alison Roman started a “feud” with Chrissy Teigen and Marie Kondo two weeks ago. She called out both women in a recent New Consumer interview, implying that they were sellouts who just hired people to run their giant empires. Roman spoke about them in the context of her own hipster qualms about selling out and doing a line of kitchen stuff. The backlash was immediate, and Roman was called racist for specifically name-checking two women of color. Chrissy Teigen made several long-winded statements about it, and Roman tested out a few different apologies, one of which acknowledged her privilege. Kondo didn’t say sh-t, and good for her. That was the right move, because Chrissy subsequently made an ass of herself and she got called out almost immediately anyway. But the fact remained: Alison Roman is an a–hole. And now she’s been suspended from her NY Times column… at least that’s what it sounds like:

Two weeks after making comments about Chrissy Tiegan and Marie Kondo that sparked widespread criticism, the New York Times has suspended chef and food writer Alison Roman’s biweekly column.

The Times said in a statement to Daily Beast that Roman’s column is “on temporary leave,” though it did not offer any reason, nor did it say how long the “leave” will last. Known for her bestselling books “Dining In” and “Nothing Fancy,” Roman has written her column for the NYT food section since 2018.

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It doesn’t surprise me. The only thing that surprises me is that the Times didn’t explicitly say that they were suspending Roman. Maybe they’re leaving room for her to say that the leave of absence is her decision, or they’re leaving the door open for her to return. Considering how 2020 is garbage, they’ll absolutely give her a chance to come back, right?

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