Alec Baldwin Announces Twitter Break Following Hilaria's Hilarious Spanish Heritage Hoax!

Nothing like when a celebrity announces their Twitter break…

Like, just log off for a while! Nobody needs the announcement! Maybe the sensation to post everything that comes across your mind is part of the problem in the first place! LOLz!

Alec Baldwin is the Twitter-leaver this time around, announcing his (temporary) exit from the social media platform on the heels of the full outing of his wife Hillary Hayward-Thomas Hilaria Baldwin‘s hilariously embarrassing Spanish heritage hoax.

The 30 Rock alum said “goodbye for now” in his Monday departure directive (below):

Ooooookay then!

Obviously, this couple has a track record of saying they’re going to quit social media and then not at all quitting social media, so, uhh, forgive us if we’re a bit skeptical about whether Alec can really stay offline.

Then again, a quick check of his tweets on Tuesday morning reveals no activity since his declaration — though he did “like” a pair of tweets shortly after making his exit. That’s progress! Orrr… something!

This family, y’all… we just… yeah. Wow! Think Hilaria is applauding his decision??

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