Actor Eddie Hassell Dead At 30 After Being Shot In Apparent Carjacking Attempt

Hollywood has lost another young star far too early on in what had quickly become a talented, meaningful, inspiring life.

Eddie Hassell, who had been best known for his high-profile supporting roles on NBC‘s Surface and ABC‘s Devious Maids — has passed away after an apparent run-in with gun violence. He was just 30 years old.

According to TMZ, Hassell was shot and killed early Sunday morning over what appears to be an attempted carjacking. It’s unclear exactly where Hassell was at this point in time, but it’s being reported that the incident happened somewhere in Texas.

Right now, his team is “working on getting more information.” There are precious few other details to go on right now, and it’s not clear where the exact incident took place or what led up to it. Still, they have officially confirmed the report that the actor has tragically passed away. Hassell was born in Corsicana, Texas back in 1990.

Never really a leading man in Hollywood, Hassell nevertheless earned himself quite a few important supporting roles, including jobs in the aforementioned Surface and Devious Maids. He also landed high-profile roles in The Kids Are All RightFamily Weekend, and multiple other projects, along with films like Bomb CityLongmire, JobsBonesSouthlandWarrior Road, and even Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Not just an actor, Eddie had also written and published a book during his short time on this earth. Back in 2009, the book Someone Should Tell You: Startling Revelations and Truths to Help You Understand and Improve Your Life hit the book shelves in stores. It sought to help young people make important life decisions by showing practice guidance and advice found within the bible.

In his spare time, E! News reported that Hassell was an avid surfer and skater, in addition to working to hard as an actor. Sure sounds like an interesting, fun, smart, and well-rounded person.

Ugh. It’s always such a tragedy to see stars pass away, but it’s particularly painful when it happens so early in life. Thirty years old is way, way too early to leave this world — especially in a violent, tragic way like that. Our thoughts and prayers are with him, his family, and his loved ones as they cope with this unimaginable nightmare of pain.

Just terrible… Rest In Peace, Eddie…

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