7-Eleven Workers Savagely Beat Cigarette Robber on Video

7-Eleven workers opened up a can of whoop ass on a thief in a California store … and the brutal attack was captured on video.

Check out this insane footage … which begins with the suspect emptying packs of cigarettes from shelves into a large trash bin on wheels in the 7-Eleven store in Stockton.

As the man continues to steal tobacco, one employee starts pointing at him and complaining while someone else off-camera asks if the place is insured.

Then another worker confronts the guy, grabbing him and pulling him to the ground.  A third employee dashes out of a back room and goes to town on the dude, wildly whacking him with a huge wooden stick.

The robber can only scream in pain and beg for mercy … but he isn’t getting any from the staff.

Suddenly, the video cuts off, so we don’t know what happened afterward. We’ve contacted the Stockton PD to get an official account. So far, no word back yet.

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