3 Zodiac Signs Most Compatible With Lili Reinhart, A Virgo Sweetie

After two years of dating, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse called it quits in March 2020. While this was a devastating blow to Bugheads everywhere, the one upside to any breakup is that it means new romance is on the horizon. So, as sad as the breakup with Sprouse might have been, his now-ex has the freedom to meet someone who’ll potentially be a better fit for her in the long run, perhaps even someone who’s one of the zodiac signs most compatible with Lili Reinhart.

Reinhart was born Sept. 13, 1996 under the sign Virgo, an earth sign that makes for an incredible and generous partner — that is if you can live up to their high standards. Virgo’s known for being a bit picky, but it’s really just that they see the potential in people and get frustrated when they aren’t reaching it. Despite their tendency to be a little too critical, Virgo’s actually as loyal and caring as they come. They aren’t exactly mushy, but they’re the first one at your door in times of need and are always seeking ways to take care of the people they love. Some signs can take advantage of Virgo’s kindness or are too sensitive to deal with their criticism — or are frankly too immature to win Virgo’s attention. But there are a handful of signs who make the perfect fit and are worthy of a Virgo like Reinhart’s love.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)

Taurus and Virgo are ridiculously compatible. These two earth signs get one another on a fundamental level that makes forming a bond easy. Plus, Taurus has a knack for bringing out a softer and more affectionate side in Virgo, which helps tone down their critical side and pushes them to just be present and connected in the moment. Taurus also helps Virgo appreciate the finer things in life, although Virgo sometimes struggles with their, ahem, financially indulgent nature. But if they can get on the same page about a budget, there’s little that these two don’t agree on. This is a peaceful and loving connection made in the stars.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 — Nov. 21)

When Virgo falls for Scorpio, they discover a whole new side to their personality — a very sexually liberated and passionate side. In return, Virgo’s steadfast nature and generous heart allows Scorpio to do what they think they’ve always wanted, but rarely felt safe enough to: open up completely. This water sign’s emotions run deep, but vulnerability’s scary for Scorpio until a Virgo lover enters their life. The only thing these two have to worry about is that Scorpio’s not one to take Virgo’s well-intentioned criticism well. It’s a wound to Scorpio’s ego which, in turn, brings out their vindictive side. This is a huge turn-off for practical, emotionally mature Virgo.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 — Jan. 19)

Capricorn and Virgo are drawn together like magnets when they meet. That’s because of the fact that, for both of these earth signs, the other feels like home. Capricorn and Virgo both also value security and crave the comfort of tradition. They speak the same emotional language and are both ambitious and goal-oriented. They really are what you think of when you picture a power couple. The only real problem they face as a couple is keeping the spark alive. They’re sometimes so similar and driven that they forget to foster the romantic and passionate aspects of their connection.

Virgos like Reinhart are very lovable if you can take a little constructive criticism and unsolicited advice from time to time. So, it’s not really a question of if she’ll find love again, but when. Whoever does finally claim Reinhart’s heart is going to be one seriously lucky person.

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