You’ve been storing bread all wrong – how to seal it without a clip so it stays fresher for longer

WOULDN'T it be great if you could make your loaf of sliced bread last longer than just a couple of days without having to faff about with a clip to seal the bag?

Accordingly to one woman, you can, and it takes just seconds to do – and people can't believe they hadn't learned of it sooner.

Emily Arnold, from the US, showed exactly how to seal the bag of bread without using a clip and her "life hack" has now gone viral on TikTok.

The nurse simply twisted the top half of the bag so it was tightly sealed then folded the open end over the top of the loaf.

By doing this, no air gets inside the bag meaning the bread stays fresher for longer and it's actually SO simple.

Writing in her video, she said: "I was today years old when I learned this from my friend… learn something new every day," and said she was "shook"when she first discovered the trick.

"I've been missing out for 24 years" she added, and so too has everyone else, it seems.

Her clip has since been viewed more than 2.5 million times after just one day, with dozens saying the technique is so simple and that they wish they'd known about it sooner.

"I honestly learn more from TikTok than my own degree," one woman said.

Impressed, another agreed saying the method was a "great idea" and added: "Where have I been hiding for more than 50 years?"

One woman was chuffed after discovering the hack and said: "'Now I can stop bugging my husband to put the clip back on."

While another added: "So basically I've done everything wrong my whole life."

But the method isn't new to some who admitted they've always done it this way.

"I didn't realise this wasn't common to do… I have been doing this my whole life," one woman said.

While another added: "I thought everyone did this. I feel special now."

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