You’ve been organising your fridge all wrong – Marie Kondo expert reveals why storing by meals not ingredients is a must

A MARIE Kondo expert has revealed we've been arranging our fridge all wrong – and has shared her top tips that will help speed up cooking time.

Master KonMari consultant Gemma Quinn, from Melbourne, Australia, was trained by the popular organisation guru, and has now shared her ultimate fridge organisation guide which will help make you more efficient in the kitchen.

1. Organise by meals, not ingredients 

Gemma's number one tip is to organise your fridge by meal, not ingredients.

"When you organise your fridge based on ingredients, it makes it harder to visualise a delicious meal in front of you. It adds to the mental load of cooking and can suck both time and energy," she explained.

Organising by meals not only speeds up thing's in the kitchen, but it helps reduce food waste and also allows you to prep, cook and eat with minimum fuss.

2. Have healthy snacks at eye level 

To make healthy snacking more accessible throughout the day, Gemma suggests keeping these tasty treats at eye level.

"While the bottom draw crisper can keep things fresh, you don’t want all your healthy (and often perishable) food hidden out of sight," she said.

Instead, she said to prep some healthy snacks, such as chopped carrots or celery and keep them in sealed containers at the top of the fridge.

"Following this approach from top shelf down to bottom will not only help you reach for healthier ingredients more often, but also save on food waste."

She also suggested keeping an 'eat now' section for ingredients nearing their expiry.

3. Pack and stack using clear containers 

Finally, Gemma said it's worth investing in some clear, stackable containers which will help keep your fridge super organised.

Dubbing them an "organiser's dream" she said: "They create more space, keep food fresh for longer and reduce food waste."

Be sure to pick up a variety of sizes too as small boxes are great for used produce, while stackable microwave safe solutions are perfect for leftovers.

"I find it’s best to stick with one brand so you can easily interchange containers and lids," she said. "If you want to take things to the next level, Lazy Susan’s are great for sauces, condiments and products that are often banished to the back of the fridge never to be seen again."

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