You're the record holder if you can spot SpongeBob hiding among the Minions in less than 9 seconds | The Sun

THE world is once again over-run with minions as the The Rise of Gru has hit movie theaters.

Despite also being a friendly yellow face, one cartoon character does not belong in this image.

TikToker I'm The Real Luke challenged his followers to find SpongeBob among the sea of minions.

"When you see it, you won't be able to unsee it," Luke said in his video.

You could be the record holder if you manage to find the hidden SpongeBob in the crowd of minions in under 10 seconds.

Luke's video only lasts for nine seconds, so most viewers had to re-watch to find the out of place character.

"People are saying this took them two seconds but I had to watch this two times to see it," commented one user.

"OMG I see him he's next to the minion!!!" joked another follower.

If you're still struggling to find the Bikini Bottom resident, he can be found in the top right corner of the image.

Some viewers appeared to spot the imposter immediately. One person said: "I saw it before he said SpongeBob is in the photo."

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"It took me like five seconds," bragged another user.

Others weren't sure whether they had solved the puzzle or not. One person wrote: "Found him – wait I lost him. No, false alarm found him again."

A lot of viewers gave up trying to find SpongeBob and took to the comments section for answers instead.

"POV: looking through comments for the answer," commented one user.

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