Woman shows off incredible oven transformation – but people are horrified by the state of the cooker in the first place

A MRS Hinch fan proudly shared her oven transformation online – but people are horrified at the state of her cooker in the first place. 

The woman shared a video to TikTok showing her grimy oven door, which was opaque with grease and grime. 

She invested in a tub of The Pink Stuff and a scourer, which she got as a set from B&M, and got to work. 

The clip shows her scrubbing the product in, before writing ‘Hinched’ with her finger and then wiping it clean. 

She then reveals a gleaming oven door, but despite the amazing transformation people can’t get over how dirty it was to begin with. 

The video has racked up a few concerned comments, with one person asking: “How… did you get it get to that in the first place.”

Another asked: “I’m just concerned of how it’s looking like that in the first place.” 

A third wrote: “I thought that was a baking tray.” 

While this person added: “How it got that dirty in the first place.” 

In a bid to defend herself, the woman snapped back at one of the comments, asking: “Let’s see your oven.”

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