Woman shares her simple tip for making outgrown gel manicures look good as new during self-isolation

AS much as we love a gel manicure, there's no denying that they can be an absolute PAIN to remove.

And considering how the coronavirus lockdown is preventing us from visiting our local salon anytime soon, one savvy beauty fan has revealed how we can get our battered gel nails looking as good as new .

Earlier this week, Instagram star Olivia Smalley showed her 173,000 followers how to cover up any nail regrowth using a glittery polish.

After filing her nails down a little at the top, Olivia then painted a layer glittery gold Essie polish over the bottom of her nail and onto her cuticles.

Carefully layering the chunky glitter pieces over the regrowth gap, she added: "You could stop here – but I'm going to go even more."

As well as adding a second layer of glitter over the gap, Olivia also went onto the nail to create an ombre effect.

What's more, the glitter pieces also create a seal around the bottom of the nail which stops it from chipping.

Showing off the finished look (which took hardly any time at all), Olivia said: "So there you have it.

"Now I'm okay with my growth – and it actually looks very beautiful. Very shiny."

Since posting the video on her Instagram page, Olivia's hack as racked up over 11,000 "likes" and hundreds of comments from fans who have pledged to try it themselves.

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One wrote: "Genius. Why hasn't this been a thing forever?"

Another gushed: "Thanks! Super helpful this week."

A third added: "Amazing!! My nails are so grown out right now, I need to try this!!"

Although the exact Essie shade Olivia used isn't available in the UK, the US brand has a range of other options – including this multicoloured glitter version called Congrats. *Adds to basket*

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