Woman claims lip filler treatment made her pout triple in size her mouth looked like a 'baboon’s bum'

 A WOMAN has spoken out about the dangers of having lip fillers after one procedure made her pout triple in size.

Olivia McCann, from Chorley, Lancashire, says her lips were massaged so hard during a dissolving treatment that they "looked like they were about to pop'".

The beautician reportedly assured Olivia that swelling was normal, but the 21-year-old was so horrified she hid at home for four days and declined her boyfriend's video calls.

Olivia, who works as a flight attendant, had the treatment done back in March before lockdown and was forced to miss two days of work due to the results of the lip filler.

She claims that this is just one of several filler-related disasters she has experienced at different salons over the past two years and now she’s keen to warn others of what could go wrong.

Speaking about her latest ordeal, she explained: “The woman massaged my lips so hard after putting the dissolver in that they went white, they looked like they were about to pop.

"My lips were triple the size they should be. When I went into the reception to pay the people sitting there waiting to get their lips done were probably looking at me and thinking 'oh my god'.

"I was embarrassed driving home and I had to put my sunglasses on, my lips looked like a baboon's bum. I didn't feel like I could go out looking like that so I just stayed at home, it was awful."

Olivia continued: "I didn't even want my boyfriend Harry to see me, he was FaceTimeing me and I was declining him. I thought 'if you see me like this you'll never fancy me again'.

"I rang my friend and she was in tears laughing saying 'I can't believe you look like that'."

Olivia’s experience with lip filers first began back in April 2018, when she paid £230 to have 1ml of filler pumped into her lips.

She was initially pleased with the results, but when she went for a top up six months later, things began to go wrong.

Olivia claims her lips developed pea-sized lumps that wouldn't clear no matter how much she massaged them.

As a gesture of goodwill the beautician offered to dissolve the product for free, a process Olivia described as “painful”.

However, Olivia claims the beautician didn't fully dissolve her lips, instead merely injected the lumps themselves.

She explained: "I'd asked for my top lip to be a bit fuller but instead of trying to create a cupid's bow shape she just sort of jabbed it straight in all over the place.

"The pea-sized bumps came up a few days later. My lips were a lumpy mess, they didn't look right at all.

"I cried when I looked at myself in pictures as I thought my lips looked silly, they looked like they'd been stung by a bee.”

She continued: ”I’m a girl getting lip fillers to try to look nice and then it went the opposite way, no amount of massaging would shift the lumps.

"Two weeks later I went back but instead of dissolving the full lip she just stuck the dissolver into the lumps, then told me to massage them when I got home.

"She tried to blame it on me and said they were lumpy because I hadn't massaged them, which I had.

"People think lip fillers are painful, but if you've had them dissolved it's a whole different pain.

Olivia has also had successful procedures done in the past

"I'm good with pain but when I got them dissolved my eyes were streaming, I think it's the worst thing I've ever felt."

Despite her past experiences, Olivia – whose lips are currently filler and lump-free – still plans to undergo the needle again at a salon that regularly posts examples of their work, has good reviews from customers and is carried out by medically-trained staff.

However, she’s keen to warn people about the cons of having lip fillers and says people should do their research first.

"My advice is to make sure you go to someone who's going to take the time out of the appointment to sit you down and talk to you about what you're getting done.

"They should have good work they can show you and people who you can speak to who have had a good experience.

"Make sure it's a reputable price, there are all these places advertising on social media where they aren't medical nurses and offering to do treatments at silly prices, it's scary."

Of course, Olivia is not alone when it comes to lip fillers going wrong. One woman was rushed to A&E recently after her lips had swollen to twice their size.

While another women revealed her lips had exploded after getting fillers five times.


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