Woman absolutely savaged after sharing the staggering amount she budgets for ‘fun’ every month

A WOMAN, 24, shared how she spent her £60k producer's salary and people were outraged by how much of her budget was spent on "fun activities".

The Australian woman gave a break down of her salary for the short TikTok clip that was posted on Téa Angelos' Smart Women Society account.

The anonymous woman revealed that after taxes, superannuation and student loan payments, she took home £3.1k per month.

She also made £560 every month on an unspecified "side hustle" and was aiming to put aside £34k that she could use at the deposit on a house.

She then ran through her monthly spending including £800 on rent, £80 on bills, £170 on the food shop and £40 on insurance.

In total her monthly expenses added up to £1,330, leaving her with a whopping £2.1k to play with.

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This money is divided into three categories; savings, an emergency fund and spending money.

The producer puts £400 into her savings, £170 into an emergency fund and a hefty £1,530 for "fun"

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She explained that this money was allocated to things like shopping and going out to eat.

People were shocked by the amount she spent monthly on "fun".

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One person said: "I think if she's serious about a house loan she should be dropping at least twice that into her house savings."

While another said: "Put more money in the house deposit fund and less in fun activities."

A third said: "I’d personally be putting more into the house deposit and less ‘fun’ money."

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Another said: "Put the £1,530 into your savings nobody needs £1,530 for shopping and eating out. That's whack."

But not everyone agreed. One person said: "I think she’s fine. Life is for living and she’s young and should be enjoying it."

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