Ultimate cheapskates reveal bizarre ways they save money on beauty treatments including getting their mums to wax them

A TRIP to the spa can cost you in excess of £100 per person, but these cheapskates have found a way to cut the cost with extreme frugal hacks.

The three bargain hunters, who appear in the new TLC series So Freakin Cheap, have been penny pinching for years and know every trick in the book when it comes to saving money.

But while they may be cost effective, they are a little out of the ordinary, and you’ll have to be truly shameless to try them.

Here we reveal their bizarre ways of slicing the cost off a spa day.


Shelley, 58, admits that she “would rather die than pay retail” so when it comes to her daughter Ashley’s beauty treatments she is more than happy to help.

Ashley says: “My mom comes over once a month and she gives me a wax. The wax that we use is made up of sugar, honey and lemon.

“It costs me about $1 (70p) to get waxed every month and then my mom waxes me for free.”

Her DIY wax treatment saves Ashley around $34 (£24) a month.


Rosana, 52, describes herself as the “Queen of frugalness”, and isn’t about to spend money on a massage.

Her daughter explains: “Spa day is not necessarily a massage from a person, we actually go to the furniture store and try out different massage chairs.”

Rosana adds: “We save a lot of money by doing spa days this way. It may cost $50-$70 (£35-£50) for a 30 minute massage and if you want a manicure it’s like $20 (£14) and you have to tip.”

As Rosana sits back and relaxes in a $10,000 (£7,200) massage chairs, sales assistants are left baffled as one of her daughters paints her nails while another massages her feet.

“If we go to a real spa it would cost us at least $100 (£70) per person,” she argues.


Tony, 46, says he’s a “crazy obsessed cheapskate” so when his daughter Ciara wants to treat herself to some beauty treatments he’s quick to offer an alternative.

“Ciara wants a face mask, and they’re a little bit pricey,” Tony says.

He heads down to his local veg market where he picks up some battered and bruised avocados and a head of lettuce for $1.25 (90p).

He creates a mud mask using avocado, orange and lemon peel and makes a sheet mask out of lettuce saving up to $40 (£29).

“Why go out and spend a whole bunch of money on all of these different chemicals, I did it all natural,” says Tony.

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