Too Faced Co-Founders Celebrate 25 Years of Marriage! See Photos of Their Bel Air Vow Renewal

Too Faced co-founder and chief creative officer Jerrod Blandino and Too Faced co-founder Jeremy Johnson are celebrating over two decades of love and success!

The beauty industry power couple rang in their 25th wedding anniversary on Saturday surrounded by close friends and family at their property in Bel Air. Speaking with PEOPLE exclusively, Blandino revealed details about the stunning outdoor event and sweetly reflected on his love story with Johnson.

“Jeremy and I met when he was living in San Francisco and I was living in Orange County. I would fly up to San Francisco to hang out with friends. When I met Jeremy, I was instantly in love,” the co-founder and chief creative officer recalls, adding that the pair got their start at a department store makeup counter before launching Too Faced in 1998.

To celebrate their milestone anniversary, Blandino and Johnson hired renowned event planner Mindy Weiss (who has previously worked with Diana Ross, Ellen DeGeneres and the Kardashians). She set the mood by filling the couple’s pool with floating lights and two floating doves and incorporating personal touches like custom napkins and gold leaf desserts.

The anniversary party marked a reunion between Weiss, Blandino and Johnson, as she planned their nuptials in 2008 when the couple could legally get married in the state of California: “It was so special to have Mindy imagine our dream 25th anniversary.”

Despite the extravagant décor, Blandino says the guest list was “very small” due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), adding that he and Johnson only invited people who have been taking the pandemic seriously.

“We only invited a very small group of our closest friends, all making sure to follow strict COVID-19 safety precautions,” he shares. “We purposely kept it small and held the get together all outdoors on our property in Bel Air. All guests were required to take COVID rapid tests and everyone took the safety protocols seriously.”

“These are the people that have supported us throughout the years and mean the world to us,” Blandino says of the guest list, which included Kelly Osbourne, Beautyblender founder Rea Ann Silva and beauty mega-influencer Kandee Johnson.

"This has been a really hard time for everyone, but to have someone I can 100 percent count on and I feel safe and supported with makes me feel so blessed," Blandino says. "Jeremy is the most amazing and loving husband I could have ever dreamed of."

As for the gift giving, the entrepreneur tells PEOPLE that his husband has a tradition of giving him a "special and meaningful piece of jewelry" each year for their anniversary.

"These dazzling confections mark the most important moments in our lives and one day we will pass them on to our nephews and niece," he shares. "One of the most special pieces of jewelry was when he gifted me Elizabeth Taylor’s three Ping-Pong diamonds, which she had received in 1970 for winning a game of Ping-Pong against Richard Burton."

Blandino, who has always been "fascinated" by Taylor and Burton's iconic Hollywood love story, says "Jeremy proposed to me with a replica of one of the Ping-Pong diamonds and I wore it around my neck on a chain until we got married."

"A few years later when the real deal came up for auction in 2011, Jeremy surprised me with them! I put them on the same chain, so now there are four Ping-Pong diamonds that represent true love. They are so special to me!"

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