TAG Heuer Relaunches Carrera Range Celebrating Its 160th Anniversary

Swiss watch manufacturer TAG Heuer is turning 160 years old this year, and in celebration of its anniversary, the brand is relaunching the iconic TAG Heuer Carrera collection.

The Carrera line dates back to 1963 and is inspired by motor racing. In fact, icons including Ayrton Senna, Steve McQueen, and F1 Hall of Famer Juan-Manuel Fangio were all ambassadors and lovers of the Carrera back in their days — and although the watch is a horological benchmark, it’s also a sartorial staple indebted in racing culture.

So to celebrate the watch’s legacy, TAG Heuer has launched the “FOREVER CHASING TOMORROW” campaign which features the 100-second film, The Longest Night. In the film, an endurance racing driver fights the long night ahead and focuses on winning the race, while shots directed by Daniel Wolfe consistently pan back to the watch on the driver’s wrist: a TAG Heuer Carrera.

The campaign and video support the release of the TAG Heuer Carrera Sport Chronograph, which can be seen and purchased on the TAG Heuer website or at its boutiques worldwide.

In other news, Grand Seiko has demonstrated its new T0 (T Zero) Constant-Force Tourbillon.
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