Some guy stole my clothes at the beach – I had to wait for the bus in my bikini, it was so embarrassing | The Sun

A BEACH-GOER had quite an awkward bus ride home after enjoying a day in the sun.

The TikToker recounted how she was left her with just the clothes on her back — which, unfortunately for her, was only a bikini.

In her video,Leiana Mokuleia (@leianamokuleia) revealed that her belongings were stolen at a beach in Miami.

The theft meant that Leiana was left to catch the bus in only her swimwear.

"Point of view: When some d*****bag steals your backpack at the beach that had your clothes in it," she wrote in the clip.

Leiana could be seen waiting at the bus stop in a green two-piece and sneakers.

"Glad they didn’t want my shoes," she told her followers.

She revealed to her audience that her things were lifted while she was "singing on a lifeguard stand."

Leiana explained that she was fortunate enough to have her purse on her at the time.

However, she was still intimidated to be on public transport by herself under the circumstances.

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"I was absolutely terrified at the bus stop wearing this," she told her followers.

In the caption of the clip, Leiana referred to the incident as "so embarrassing."

Not to be deterred however, she also added that "everything is going to be alright."

TikTok users took to the comments section to empathize with Leiana's situation.

"Scary, glad you didn't get hurt," wrote one concerned follower.

Another viewer said: "OMG, the bus in Miami dressed like that? You are lucky you are alive."

"If that happened to me, people would donate a towel," joked a third person.

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