Simple hack shows how to remove stickers from glass and mirrors without leaving a mark – by using a hairdryer

A WOMAN has shared an impressive cleaning hack that shows how easy it is to remove stickers from glass and mirrors using a hairdryer.

The quick trick doesn't leave a mark and all you need apart from a hairdryer is a razor blade or dull knife.

The handy cleaning hack was shared by social media star Kait Schulhof on TikTok in February and has left her social media followers branding her a "genius".

In the video, the mother-of-one begins: "I'm going to share one way to remove a sticker or decal from an interior glass window or mirror using a hairdryer."

The San Diego woman explains that heat from your hairdryer causes the glue of the sticker to melt, thus making it easier to remove at the end of the process with your trusty blade.

"Step one is to blast heat from your hairdryer and melt the glue behind the sticker to make it easier to peel off," she continues.

"Now that the glue is melted, I'm just going in with a razor blade to lift one edge of the sticker and you can use other tools a dull knife or something a little bit safer than a razor blade but this totally works."

After successfully lifting one corner up, Kait explains that you should be able to pull the entire sticker off.

She concludes: "And once you lift one corner you can peel the whole sticker back one piece at a time".

After sharing the video, which has been viewed 17,500 times, one of her followers commented: "Noice!!! You freakin genius!!" (sic).

While Kait responded to another follower that the process can be used on decals or stickers in your car – as long as your hairdryer can extend that far with the help of an extension chord.

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