‘Rule-breaker’ Meghan Markles changing style – actress to royal to activist

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Abbey Booth, the founder of Stories With Clothes, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about Meghan’s style during her 20s and 30s. Abbey said: “In her 20’s as an up-and-coming ambitious actress she was often seen on the red carpet in figure-hugging short dresses favouring strapless, Bardot and one-shoulder styles often in vibrant reds, burgundy, blacks and on occasion neutrals. She has fantastic legs, being a strawberry shape, and was not afraid to show them off and wear above the knee styles during her 20’s and much of her 30’s, and this is one of the styles that had to change when she became a Royal.

“She said herself in her lifestyle blog The Tig: ‘My 20s were brutal—a constant battle with myself, judging my weight, my style, my desire to be as cool/as hip/as smart/as ‘whatever’ as everyone else.’

“She has a very ‘classic style’ preferring clean lines, nude heels, tailored styles, and block colours.

“Prior to departing for the US, she was rarely seen in print and pattern which definitely helped her as she became a Royal to wear defined and chic styles that were suited to her public role.

“The way she wore these classic styles, for example with her hairstyle as it was always worn much looser and freer and shirts weren’t tucked in tight like some traditional classics prefer, indicated she had elements of a natural style personality who prefer more freedom in their clothes and are often interested in sustainable brands and natural fabrics and fibres.

“This gives us a clue as to how her style may evolve in the future now she has the freedom to make her own choices.

“During her time as a working Royal she was often seen in a blouse tucked in loosely to a pencil skirt throughout her 30’s and some of her most stylish looks during her time as a working member of the Royal family utilised this classic two-piece which became part of her signature style.

“This was seen best when attending a visit to Sussex where she wore &Other Stories forest green silk shirt, Boss leather pencil skirt and nude Stuart Weitzmann ‘Legend’ heels.

“As a working Royal her style became much more demure with longer dress lengths, higher necklines, and more muted tones, she was often seen wearing boatneck style tops and dresses where previously she might have worn a strapless, deep V-neck or one-shoulder piece – these styles were not seen as suitable for her position.

“It’s interesting to note that her colour palette gradually became more neutral and paler which could reflect how she felt at the time, almost seeming like she wanted to blend in or disappear at times.

“The outfits she chose to mark her departure from the Royal Family were noticeable for their vibrancy with teal, green and who could forget that majestic red outfit which spoke volumes about how they both felt leaving the Royal Family.


“Red is a colour which denotes energy, direction and passion and the fact all her accessories were red including heels and bag did not go unnoticed.

“Since then her style has evolved further to embrace more floating, looser styles including floral prints and pretty embroidery which has suited her more carefree new lifestyle and obviously her second pregnancy.

“She has still embraced her classic style yet now her natural side has been allowed free rein and she is really embracing this newfound freedom to explore brands and styles she could not have worn previously.”

Abbey also made some assumptions about what Meghan might choose to wear on her 40th birthday.

She continued: “So let’s consider what she might wear for her 40th Birthday celebrations! She has worn Givenchy a number of times including the boatneck Givenchy dress for her wedding, although she does champion environmentally conscious labels such as Maggie Marilyn.

“Of course there was her iconic halterneck Stella McCartney dress as the second outfit for her wedding and since then has worn a variety of styles from British brands such as Burberry to US favourites Brandon Maxwell, Oscar de la Renta and Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera.

“Because of her active support for women’s rights and wellbeing she may consider a female-led conscious label, so if she was still based in Britain I would suggest she would wear Stella McCartney, but as she doesn’t have to support a British brand I think she’ll support a brand to signify her freedom of choice such as Gabriela Hearst, a designer that promotes feminism and sustainability she even names her bags and clothing after trailblazing women who have inspired her.

“The collections are produced in France and Italy, working with family businesses, and using the best sustainable materials and biodegradable packaging or even a US designer – she did wear Armani for the Oprah interview after all!”

Charlotte White, head of design at 77 Diamonds, Europe’s largest online diamond jeweller, also spoke to Express.co.uk about Meghan’s choice of jewellery over the past two decades.

Charlotte said: “Meghan’s impeccable, refined ensembles in more recent years have lent themselves well to delicate jewellery, sometimes with personal meanings, including necklaces with H and A pendants symbolising her love for her husband Harry and firstborn Archie, mostly pieces in yellow gold and often with diamonds.

“Meghan is a rule-breaker and she has an occasional fondness for elegant asymmetry, choosing to wear wore single, mismatched stud earrings from different designers on each ear during her 2018 visit to Cardiff Castle.

“Meghan has regularly embraced the influence of her late mother-in-law Princess Diana whom she sadly never met.

“During her Oprah interview, she chose to wear Diana’s tennis bracelet, stacked together with two other yellow gold bracelets.

“As Meghan starts her next decade and establishes herself on her chosen journey with Harry, we can expect an increased number of dressed-down looks with a Los Angeles vibe, teamed with Meghan’s cool and stylish take on them.”

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