Rich kid who spends £1k a MONTH on shoes left ‘heartbroken’ by grieving mum struggling with debt of their baby's funeral

A SPOILED heiress was left lost for words when she met a family struggling with debt following the death of their daughter.

Jess McCann, 24, who appears on tonight’s Rich Kids Go Skint, is used to living the high-life at her parents’ million pound mansion just outside Liverpool.

And while salon owner Jess doesn’t rely on the bank of mum and dad, she admits that she “never wanted for nothing” growing up, with her retail and property millionaire parents catering to her every need.

Jess admits: “I could get my own place but here I have my own space, my mum does my washing, we have a cleaner and I just love being with my family.”

When she’s not driving around in her £32,000 Range Rover, Jess is most likely splashing her cash on the latest designer gear.

“I spend about £1,000 a month on shoes,” she admits, with her collection including brands such as Christian Louboutin, Chimmy Choo and Valentino.

In fact, Jess’ wardrobe is spilling over with so many designer names, that she even forgot she owned a Louis Vuitton bag.

But tonight’s episode of the 5Star programme sees the beautician trade in her luxury lifestyle for a sofa bed in a council flat that is about the same size as her outdoor pool as she joins the Yoloye family.

Jemma, 40, shares her cramped Birmingham apartment with husband Yinka and two-year-old son Matthew.

Custom-service worker Jemma is the sole earner in the household, with Yinka struggling to find a job, and unable to afford the train ticket to most interviews.

The couple found themselves up to their eyeballs in debt after suffering four miscarriages and a stillbirth, with Jemma and Yinka forced to borrow money for a ‘costly’ funeral for their daughter.

With the debt repayments for their daughter’s funeral and £10,000 in other loans and credit cards, Jemma’s salary barely covers their monthly expenses.

After bills, the family are left with just £18 spending money of their £1,542 monthly income, an amount that Jess would spend on a lunch.

And it’s clear that she has her reservations as she arrives at the Yoloye home.

“I’m worried about sleeping on a couch, unhealthy food and tap water,” she admits.

“It looks very oblique, I hope there’s not a lot of people living in one tiny space.”

And it isn’t a pleasant surprise for Jess who is left aghast by the family’s cramped living quarters with just one ‘tiny’ shower room compared to her five bathrooms at home.

She says: “I feel so sorry for them having to live here. If my dad told me I had to come and live here now, I think I’d cry.”

After a lunch of tinned salmon washed down with a glass of ‘council champagne’ (that’s tap water) Jess heads to the local homeless shelter where Jemma volunteers.

And Jemma’s selfless act is food for thought for the Rich Kid.

“Jemma’s so close to living on the breadline but she’s so inspirational in the fact that she goes back (to volunteer),” Jess says.

Following a trip to the charity shop, and a plate full of cheap eats, Jess is ready to turn in for the night. 

“I’ve never slept on a sofa,” an apprehensive Jess admits.  

“I’ve never really slept in a sleeping bag before, I’m in a big city that I’ve never really been to before either – I’m nervous I’m not going to sleep tonight.”

The following day gives Jess a chance to learn about what lead Jemma and Yinka to fall into debt.

Jemma explains: “We were pregnant with our little baby girl and we lost her at four weeks, she was stillborn and it was at a time when you had to pay for all the funeral costs.

Jemma’s so close to living on the breadline but she’s so inspirational

“We did have help from family members but we still had to take on the debt to kind of cover for that cost

“It was hard – I’m glad my husband and I had each other.”

The news leaves Jess “absolutely heartbroken” describing Jemma as an “inspiration” for her optimistic spirit.

To round off her weekend with the family, Jemma challenges Jess to buy and cook a dinner for just £5, which is sure to be a challenge for the Rich Kid who thinks nothing of spending £200 on one meal.

She says: “£5 is probably something that I’d lose at the bottom of my handbag and I’ve got to do a meal for everyone.”

But Jess has clearly picked up a few budgeting tips from Jemma, with her pasta bake dinner coming in one penny under budget.

“She has definitely learnt something – I really do hope she takes this home with her,” Jemma says.

As Jess prepares to leave the family, she is in two minds about her departure.

She says: “I’m excited to get home to my big house and not be in this tiny flat but they’ve been so welcoming, I’ve actually learnt a lot and it’s been completely different to what I ever expected.”

And Jemma is of a similar sentiment, adding, “I’m lost for words actually, I’ve really enjoyed your company.”

As a parting gift, Jess presents the family with the money they needed to replace their broken washing machine, as Jemma hands her a bag full of Korean beauty goodies.

“One thing I’ve learned from Jemma is that practical purchases are much more important than luxury items,” Jess says.

As they say their goodbyes, Jess invites new pal Jemma to her salon for a treatment, reducing the mum to tears.

“I really am gonna miss the family – I hope they keep in touch and I will see them again soon,” Jess reflects.

“They’re the nicest family that I’ve ever met.”

Jess has kept her promise of keeping in touch, and now donates regularly to food banks.

Rich Kids Go Skint airs on Mondays at 8pm on 5Star.

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