Princess Diana worried if she was good mother to Harry and William & would 'spoil them rotten' after months apart

PRINCESS Diana would worry over whether she was a "good mother" to her sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

British journalist Petronella Wyatt recalls meeting the Princess of Wales at adinner two years before her death in 1997, where she spoke about spending months apart from Harry & William.

Diana expressed her concern for both Harry & William and questioned how she was as a mother to them, especially as they would go months without seeing each other.

When they did reunite, however, Diana confessed she would spoil her boys rotten.

Speaking to The Sun, Petronella recalled her conversation with Diana: "We sipped more wine, and she looked over the rim of her glass with those famous eyes of hers.

“'I worry about my sons. Am I a good mother? I don’t see them for months and then I spoil them rotten,' she sighed. 'Sometimes I’d like a time machine.'

Petronella first met Diana following the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles, who she divorced from in 1996, and recalled her first impressions of the late Royal.

She said: "I had the pleasure of  dining with the late  Princess Diana at a friend’s house in London, two years before she died. I had met her before, at parties given by mutual friends, but we had never really talked at length nor in an intimate setting.

"On this occasion it was a small  dinner, in the summer of 1995. It was an infernally warm evening and we were all standing around with our wine glasses, perspiring and complaining about the heat. And then Diana arrived.

"She had in fact slipped in quietly, with no fuss, but she needed none. She held the room with something no mere celebrity can bottle. There was nothing gaudy about this magic she generated, nor was it an illusion of superficial beauty.

"Though she was 34 and eight years older than me, I was struck by her having retained a disarming air of innocence, like a girl who had grown up saturated with English dew and the clean life of the country (which in fact, she had).

Asked what she thinks Diana would have been like at 60, Petronella added: "I am not sure what Diana would be like today, approaching 60.

"When she died there were two paths open to her, something I believe she had been trying to tell me. 

"She could have gone on with the glitzy gaudiness and the approximations of romance, or tried to change her life and her fame. Growing old would have been hard."

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