My parents divorced & raised a child each – I was with mum & got pregnant in my teens, my sister is the opposite | The Sun

WHEN Maddy's parents divorced, she moved in with her mum. Her sister, the parents agreed, would love with their dad.

The outcome? Two young women who couldn't be any more different.

Unlike Maddy, 22, who fell pregnant young and soon became a teen mum, her sister grew up to be a doctor of neuroscience.

Despite what some might think, the 22-year-old isn't jealous or feel like she's lacking something in life.

''If I was insecure about where I’m at in life I wouldn’t have posted this,'' Maddy wrote in the caption of the video, sharing their journey.

Reflecting on why she got pregnant in her teens, Maddy thought it was to do with her dad's strict parenting.

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''So, like my sister chose to live with my dad around like age 16, I stayed with my mom and rebelled against my dad trying to put stricter rules on me..

''Just basically came down to which parent set the rules and guidelines for which kid.

''But we lived very close to each other and both have good relationships with both parents now!'' she explained in the now-viral clip on TikTok.

''Dad raised a doctor of neuroscience. Mom raised a hometown teen mom,'' Maddy chuckled, describing her sibling as ''amazing''.

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The sweet clip has gone viral on social media, racking up more than a whopping 6.6million views and has seen countless comments.

Whilst some said that their dad ''won'', others reminded that the two young women each have a different path.

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''Two different life paths two happy sisters that’s all that matters,'' wrote one supportive person.

''Even raised in the same household you would both have different paths! Y’all are both great!!'' another agreed.

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''Wow. You posted to praise your sister. Props to you for being awesome!!!!'' a second added.

Someone else thought: ''This makes sense though men are more work focused women are family. both successful.''

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