My neighbour sent me a passive aggressive note about how much my baby cries and how they need sleep – I’m fuming | The Sun

A DISGRUNTLED neighbour's note demanding a “solution” to a “disturbing” baby crying has caused a stir. 

A mum shared a picture of the note, which was “stuffed” under the front door of her apartment, complaining about a “very disturbing baby crying” for “six long months”.

According to the mum, the 15-month-old has recently started waking up for a feed at 3am and then again for the day at 7am.

In the handwritten note, the person demanded the noise be kept down and urged the family to “find a solution”.

It read: “Please, six long months we have been having very disturbing baby crying start early mornings.

“Please find a solution.

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“We need our sleep as much as you do.

“I am sure residents who are closer to you feel the same.”

The mum, sharing the note on Facebook, said her son has been unwell with a cold in recent weeks and has kept him home to recover.

“He’s been especially clingy,” she penned in the caption. “If I put him down to go to the toilet, hang washing, make lunch, dinner, you name it – he’ll scream bloody murder.

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“Because we’ve been home this whole week, I think this is why this anonymous note writer is kicking up a fuss about ‘disturbing baby crying’ because they are also home during weekdays.

“I absolutely feel like being petty and sticking it up on my building’s noticeboard, pinning some earplugs and writing ‘Here’s your solution’.”

She asked fellow mums for advice and most jumped to her defence.

“It’s the daytime?” one asked. “Get over it. I’d be soooo be petty and do the foam ear plugs. 

“How rude.”

“I’d actually stick it in the main lift and write ‘Go f*** yourself, Love from a sleep deprived mama x’ and put a little bag of ear plugs,” another said.

Most people suggested that the mum ignore the note. 

“Honestly I’d just ignore it,” one person suggested.

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“If that person can’t even put their contact details on the note, they’re probably a bit embarrassed for raising it, hence the anonymity, and they’re probably not expecting a reply. 

“Do the best you can mama!”

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