My neighbour branded me 'evil' for removing a wasp nest to protect my son but I wasn’t going to let them ruin our summer | The Sun

A WOMAN who removed a wasp nest from her garden to protect her disabled son has been branded "evil" by her elderly neighbour.

She took to Mumsnet's Am I Being Unreasonable? forum to explain the situation and ask for other people's advice as to who was in the wrong.

"My neighbour is elderly and lives alone," she began.

"She said there was hundreds of baby wasps coming into her bathroom covered in white powder dying.

"She asked what the man was doing in my garden.

"I explained we had a wasps nest and the wasps were coming out of their nest and attacking us.

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"I have a disabled 5 year old and the garden is his safe place and he spends most of his waking hours out there, so I couldn’t have these wasps ruining our whole summer holiday and not allowing my 5 year old son to play in his own garden.

"So I called someone to come and take care it."

However, upon finding out what the exterminator had been doing, the woman next door branded the mum "evil" for killing "hundreds of baby wasps instead of keeping my child indoors for the summer until the wasps had gone".

"I honestly don’t see what I have done wrong!!" she added.

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"If they were not bothering us then I would have left them but as soon as we came out of our back door they were flying up to us trying to sting."

Concluding, she asked: "Was I 'evil' to have a wasp nest removed from my garden?"

Responses to the post were largely in support of the woman, with one person writing: "Why are you giving this a second thought. Of course it's not evil."

"Ignore the old bat," another added.

But others insisted she should have warned her neighbour ahead of getting an exterminator in.

"You are not being unreasonable to have the wasps exterminated, but you should have forewarned your neighbour so she could have closed her windows," one person argued.

"It’s not nice to have to put up with hundreds of dying wasps covered in poison flying in your bathroom window."

While another agreed, writing: "Why on earth didn’t you warn your neighbours first?"

"Did she actually say you are evil to do this?" someone else questioned.

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To which the mum replied: "Yes she did, I just laughed.

"I’d be more evil to send my 5 year old child outside to be stung who has no sense of danger and wouldn’t understand what they are and most likely walk straight into the nest area."

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