Mum shares easy hack to stop bug bites from being red and itchy instantly & claims it works every time

THERE'S very little bad we can say about summer, but one thing's for certain, no one likes being bitten by mosquitos.

The sad truth is that it's inevitable, but one mum has a way to stop bug bites from being red and itchy – and it's actually pretty clever.

The TikTok mum regularly shares hacks on her page, and with warmer evenings finally here, this one is very much needed.

She revealed that she and her kids are "allergic to mosquitos" which means they end up with nasty red bumps all over their body.

"What takes the redness away and the itching is Vicks," she revealed.

Vicks is commonly used to treat coughs and colds once applied to the skin, so it's surprising to learn of another clever use for it.

Rather than carrying around a tub of the stuff, the mum says she puts some in an old Chapstick or lip balm container and keeps it on her bag.

Then, at first sign of a dreaded bite, she can whip it out and rub some Vicks over the area – which, for her, works every time.

The reason it works is because Vicks contains menthol, which is believed to create a cooling sensation, and in turn, stops the itching.

According to, the formula also has nutmeg oil, which has anti-inflammatory properties – helping to reduce the size of the bump.

The video has racked up almost 500,000 views and people were pretty impressed by the simple tip.

"Vicks chapstick? Girl! This is genius," one person raved.

Impressed, another wrote: "What! OMGeee after all these years of painful and itchy bites. Thanks for the tip."

"I will be trying this. We swell up so much," said another.

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