Mum shares 30-second trick to tell if your pillows have expired – so when did you last change yours?

HAVE you had your pillows for years and haven’t replaced them?

A savvy mum has revealed her easy 30-second trick to working out if they have “expired”.

Melbourne-based Chantel Mila, who posts on TikTok as @mama_mila, shared her simple test that works out which pillows are too old. 

In her video, which has racked up over 200,000 views, she added the caption: “When was the last time you went pillow shopping?”

Chantel showed how you simply have to fold your pillow over in half, and hold for 30 seconds. 

She wrote: “Pillows should bounce back if they are fresh.”

Chantel stressed the importance of changing your pillows at the correct time, and said they can harbour “dust, skin cells and oils”.

She said that synthetic pillows “expire every one to two years”, but down pillows have a longer lifespan.

Many people were shocked at how often pillows need changing, with one saying: “I never knew this.”

Another added: “I’ve had mine for like four years.”

We shed millions of dead skin cells everyday with a lot of them ending up in our pillows, thanks to us spending several hours a day laying on them

By the time your pillow is two years old, ten per cent of its weight is dust mites and dead skin cells, according to The Hygiene Doctor, Lisa Ackerley.

Meanwhile, cleaning guru Shannon Lush recommends we wash the duvet every month along with our pillows.

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